Paint Parties

Paint Parties

Get ready to get Wet, Wild and GLOW!! NEON PAINT PARTY!! Started as a small college campus fad in the mid 2000s, paint parties have quickly grown into a huge phenomenon event!

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Our Paint Parties are an extreme dance party, with neon UV activated paint, loud techno/house music, tons of flashing lights, hazers’, fog, LEDS, and lasers, . College Entertainment People will bring all you will need including our resident DJs, and choreographed dancers to start the night off pumping. All you have to provide is the venue.

We use the most extensive range of Fluorescent Neon UV Color Paints, designed specifically for Paint Parties.

The paint is cosmetically certified and completely safe for use on the face and body.

Our extensive products range, consists of UV face paint and body paint, UV party paint, glow in the dark products, sunglasses, protective wear, and neon party equipment and decorations.

College Entertainment People recommend attendees’ wear white, neon or any other black light activated color clothing and prepare to be doused with an entourage of neon paint!


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